1984: Police State Here Today

If you’re bored and you feel like reading what a different but similar police state sounds like so you can recognize it, read or re-read the book 1984, by Orwell. The state motto that everything has to repeat over and over is this.




Do we not here this today?

War is Peace? Is this why we are bombing Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya? Because war is peace right. Bombing and starting wars with the countries of this world will bring you peace? Yet, you hear this all over the media today. Fact is.. War is war.

Freedom is slavery? You hear this too. We are home of the free, yet you cannot drive across I-10 without stopping at checkpoints in Texas, New Mexico, California. You cannot smoke outside buildings. You cannot use drugs. You cannot drive without a license. You cannot speed without paying fees. You cannot add too much salt or stuff to food. Now in NY, you cannot play games like handball because it’s ‘too dangerous’. You have to pay property taxes even if you outright own your home and land. You have to pay income taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes, etc… This is slavery, but we are brainwashed into thinking we are free. Freedom is not having to explain or be hassled or taxed when you want to do something, as long as it hurts no one else.

Ignorance is strength? How often to you hear the completely false saying that “What you don’t know can’t hurt you” or “ignorance is bliss”. Hah! It’s the things you don’t know about and don’t see coming that are usually the most devastating. Things like housing bubbles and stock market crashes. Things like the gov about to steal your pensions… The list goes own. We are living in a Orwellian super police state whether you think so or not.

Here’s a good link that pretty much agrees with me


10 Examples We No Longer Live In Land of the Free And Home of the Brave


Do you know people that still believe that America is a free country? Do you have friends or family that are proud to live in “the land of the free and the home of the brave”? If you do, just show them this article. The things that you are about to read are enough to make the blood of any red-blooded American boil. We don’t live in a free country anymore. Instead, we live in a “Big Brother” police state control grid that is becoming more restrictive every single day. Most of our politicians seem to be control freaks that are obsessed with running every single little detail of our lives. These days there has to be a “rule” or a “regulation” for everything. The radical social engineers in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and communist China never even dared to try some of the things that are going on in America today. We are all being treated little better than cattle and we are all being taught that it is best to just sit in our homes and absorb all of the television “programming” that is being provided for us. Meanwhile, our public schools have become little more than prison grids. Our children are being taught to enjoy living as docile slaves in a world where imagination, liberty, freedom and adventure are all greatly discouraged.

Unfortunately, none of this is an exaggeration. Our politicians love to give speeches about “liberty” and “freedom”, but they always seem to have excuses to justify the endless parade of liberty-killing laws that they are imposing on all the rest of us.

Almost all of the freedoms listed in the Bill of Rights have been severely eroded. In fact, a number of them are almost totally gone at this point.


America: Land of the Elite, Home of the Slave

via zibrus stripes: 1984: Police State Here Today.

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