Facebook– Pied Piper of the New World Order’s technological control grid

In an innocuously titled article “Water parks and resorts using RFID to capture precious memories” RFID News reported some weeks ago that a chain of North American indoor water park hotels are using RFID wristbands to allow guests to take photos at kiosks, which are then automatically uploaded to their Facebook profiles. Though this method of taking a family photo while on vacation may seem harmless, the article also adds, “…the wristbands also serve as guests’ room keys and in-house charge accounts”.

This is just one example of how Facebook is being used to acclimate the public to the surveillance state, with some people excitedly (and unknowingly) embracing it and others surrendering to it merely for the sake of convenience.

Facebook has been partnering with companies to promote RFID technology for years in an attempt to market wristbands that track you, (a step before microchips being placed under your skin), as somehow being the next step in societal evolution instead of an elaborately maintained invisible chain yanking civilization backwards into a new form of slavery.

Facebook has altered society’s collective mind.

By playing on the desires of people, (mostly teenagers and young adults) to socialize and share themselves with others in a way that is more controlled and feels private (though it is not), social networks have become a powerful force in the changing world, and an endless well from which to gather information on individuals like never before. With Facebook as the current leader of the industry, social networks have so successfully lured people from all over the globe into sharing information about themselves–from the private details of their personal lives to the momentary mental chatter between their ears– that a person from only a decade ago if placed here today would shiver when first exposed to the new norms of our more socially open culture.

Facebook is a tool used not only by its subscribers to meet new people and monitor the activities of friends, but also by law enforcement when investigating crimes, and by employers to screen potential hires.

Companies today view the Facebook profiles of applicants. This fact is already widely known and accepted as “normal”. It is likely that in the near future it will be next to impossible to get a professional job without having a Facebook profile. Thanks to the continuing implosion of the world economy, employers hold a greater advantage over their workforces and are obsessed with analysis, numbers, and categorization more now than ever before. Companies can afford to be as discriminating as they want when selecting new employees. Of course Facebook is only one part of this process. Other technological means are also used, such as computerized “personality” tests (mental submission probability gauges) which ask questions such as “how do you feel about the direction the world is headed in?” that have nothing to do with the jobs themselves.

Employers look at Facebook profiles to judge an applicant’s personal habits, friends, and political correctness. Everything else being equal, an employer choosing between two applicants– one with a public Facebook profile that reflects a “model life’, and another who either has their Facebook profile set to private, or who has no a profile at all– will most likely choose the one whose personal life they’ve scouted out and been assured fits into their hiring model rather than the one whose personal life remains a mystery. Whether employers will admit to this bias or not is another question, however an honest, common sense look at human nature and the importance companies already place on an applicant’s Facebook profile and web footprint reveal that it already exists. People have been asked to bring up their Facebook profiles during job interviews, and people applying for jobs in the city of Bozemont, MT have even been asked for their social networking passwords.

Since money is the means for survival in any modern society, the requirement for one to have a Facebook profile (or whatever future incarnation the leading social tracking database takes) will be initially implemented not through legislation, but through social and economic pressure.

Facebook tracks you

Many never question Facebook’s motivation in gathering the information that it commonly asks for and retains. At its core Facebook is a database used to track individuals and groups. It tracks not only the information its members post but– according to a Facebook employee who spoke to Rumpus Online Magazine– every click its members make while on the website.

This means that– forgetting about the information you volunteer for a moment (such as favorite activities, religion, sexual orientation, family members)– Facebook knows which links posted by friends you click on, which friends’ profiles you visit, and which pictures you view. This information alone says a lot about a person’s interests, world view, personal associations, and even romantic yearnings…information that could easily be used to create psychological profiles of targeted subjects.

Along with that, Facebook games provide useful information about a person by cloaking personality questions inside a gift wrap of fantasy.

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Facebook also knows who your real friends are. Even if you have a page with 5000 friends, list no personal information on it, and only know a few of your “friends” personally, it will most often include those people as the top friends on your profile and automatically suggest them when you use the search box.

Road to Hell

When Facebook partnered with Coca-Cola last year to provide RFID bracelets for teenagers at the Coca-Cola Village to scan and post their actions to their Facebook profiles, it was celebrated asbringing Facebook into the real world. Given what Facebook is all about, the notion of it invading and transforming the real world is a terrifying nightmare that most Americans don’t yet understand and tragically may not understand until it arrives. If the globalists get their way, cash will eventually be taken out of the equation so that all transactions an individual makes will be digital and thus traceable, and halted if the masters of the control grid desire. A society modeled after the experiment at the Coca-Cola Village, and the water slide park cited at the beginning of this article, would represent a virtual prison state where secrets are impossible to keep and no action is taken without the scan and approval of an all seeing eye. That people may be able to select their privacy settings and prevent their peers from accessing their information would provide only a hollow comfort. The information would still be there, and be accessible to those given the authority to retrieve it.

This means that while individuals may be able to keep secrets from fellow slaves, they won’t be able to keep them from their masters.

The surveillance state doesn’t just mean that members of society’s upper tiers will be able to monitor those below them. The purpose of surveillance is to control, and that’s exactly what the kind of RFID technology Facebook is selling intends to do.

Futurists gleefully talk about an America in which the policies of the nanny state are enforced by technology that can monitor every movement we make, everything we buy, and everything we put in our bodies.

Last summer I wrote an article about a video game CEO who happily outlined a future in which the objects around us will keep track of everything we do (such as our shoes monitoring whether or not we walk to work or take a bus, or our toothbrushes recording whether or not we brush our teeth on a particular morning) rewarding us for “good behavior”. Such rewards would come in the form of reduced insurance premiums and credits to buy certain products.

A show that ran on the Discovery Channel a few years back– “2057″ hosted by Michio Kaku– laid out for its viewers in docudrama form what the globalist controllers envision for society once their control grid is fully in place. A particular episode titled “The Body” (which can be viewed HERE) proclaimed that privacy would become a thing of the past, showing a world in which toilets analyzed the urine of those who used them and forwarded that information to their insurance companies (featuring the tale of a man who after a night of drinking cheats the toilet by pouring stored urine in it, later being denied a needed procedure in the hospital after discovery of his deception is made). In this show, insurance representatives sit like supreme beings in the futuristic equivalent of call centers, constantly monitoring individuals through tracking devices in their clothes, sending alerts to them (such as through their mirrors to inform them that they’re not brushing their teeth properly), having the sole power to authorize whether or not an ambulance is dispatched after somebody has an accident.

While the show obviously attempted to portray this projected future as being positive, with its lifesaving technology prominently featured, the complete control over individuals and society is also demonstrated. This is a future in which insurance companies and government (along with other industries and government) are working together to decide what behaviors and habits are good and which ones are bad for every person. The individual is then a child forever, subject to the demands of a faceless, bureaucratic father.

It’s the same road to Hell that other central planning nations have taken before, only with greater technology to enforce it, and a public so thoroughly propagandized that they don’t know what real freedom is and thus don’t know how to challenge their bondage. Facebook is the beginning of that…the distant song in the wind begging the young people of the world to sell their privacy to the control grid. In that way it’s a Pied Piper leading the march of the damned, dancing the world into the shackles of slavery…all to the beat of the New World Order’s drum.

Andrew Steele is the editor of America 20xy– an independent news service that highlights articles from around the web focusing on international and economic policy, and human rights abuses.

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