Inception = Illuminati’s Deception




Prophecy In The Making.: Inception=Illuminati’s Deception..

Illuminati Message Through Inception:
“We Plant The Seeds In You” And
“China Cannot Be Allowed To Become A Superpower.”


The latest Illuminati blockbuster movie, “Inception,” is another fast paced thriller with a most insidious message…We (Illuminati forces) plant the ideas in your head.
From the beginning of the film you are once again exposed to all of the Freemason/Illuminati symbols and/or ideas.
The beginning scenes you had DiCaprio talking about the great architect, a phrase that the Freemasons use when talking about their diety…Lucifer.
You also heard them talking about the spiral staircase in designing one of their dream sequences, and the fact that they mentioned exactly what it represents for the Illuminati, infinitum.
It amazes me the boldness with which the Illuminati patronize and belittle the masses that go and watch these films. How they are constantly throughout the film, letting the people know exactly how it is that they have been controlling them for so long.
How it is that they plant these seeds and/or ideas in the masses’ minds and manipulate their thoughts on the economy, the wars, politics and religion.
Another theme running through this movie is that of trying to stop this up and coming superpower by cutting off their energy resources.
The leader in charge of this Global energy company in the movie is a man by the name of Fisher. DiCaprio’s character is explained that it is necessary to plant the idea in this character’s mind in order to get them to not provide this energy to this potential superpower that could rival the current one.
This of course is code for China and the company here in this case stands for Iran.
In the movie, the very last scenes, where they are attempting to enter the deepest part of Fisher’s subconcience fortress, you see the building with the following letters, CCTV.
This of course stands for Chinese Central Televsion and can even be picked up through most satellite TV providers.
It was interesting to note how the Illuminati producers of this film did not cast chinese actors for these final scenes of the movie, because it was clearly aimed at China.
The message simply is this:
>”People(the masses/minions) we have implanted in your minds the thought and idea that it will be necessary to stop Iran (energy company in movie) from providing these energy resources to China (fortress with CCTV), in order to stop them from becoming the leading superpower.”

It is precisely this message and for this reason that the Illuminati have the attack plans drawn up and precisely why in the latest polls and overwhelming 72% of the people polled today favor a military strike on Iran, when back in 2006 that percentage was in the teens.
For all those that question why the U.S. and its allies are going to do this, just step into an Illuminati meeting and hear the message and reasons for them doing so.
It’s really simple, just walk into any movie theatre, buy a ticket a blockbuster movie with a lot of violence, action, or special effects, and you can be assured that you will be listening in on one of their meetings.
Keep this in mind, the Illuminati New World Order’s objectives have always been the same even from the times of the English, French, American and Latin American revolutions. One world order under their control. Novus OrdemSeclorum (A New Secular World Order.)
Iran stands in the way of these current objectives, and also Iran as recent as last week made new energy deals with China.
The U.S. and it’s Illuminati overlords, just like in this movie’s message, cannot allow Iran to partner up with China and allow China’s economy and military strength to continue to grow.
So the best way to stop this is to have complete control of the entire middle east and therefore ensure tight control over how much and how fast China is allowed to grow.
This will be the reason behind world war 3 and it will begin when Iran is attacked.

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