Is Media Coverage Like Orwell’s 1984?

George Orwell died at age 47, awfully young to know so much about subterfuge– the overuse of over and over and over again messages, similar to the incessant and hellish tv commercials by Obama or Mitt that interfere with music, with game shows, with family shows, with mystery shows… We MUST see over and over the faces, and we MUST be sentenced to hear the same voices over and over, including “the annoying woman” voice snarking around” that we have already seen FAR too much of… and yet there they are plastered everywhere including right there in the midst of one’s favorite cops show.

Here is Orwell and part of his first chapter of 1984 which was published after WWII, in 1949. The protagonist Winston (a heroic name as per Winston Churchill) Smith (a common moniker making Winston just like any other poor sorry sob)… is living in a land taken over by “the party”…. that supports amongst other things, eternal and unending war.

via Is Media Coverage Like Orwell’s 1984? The Madness May be Upon Us | The Moderate Voice.

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