Living in Orwell’s 1984? manipulative political doublespeak

George Orwell wrote the book *1984*, after the immense slaughter across the world in WWII and its’ aftermath of more murder and killing via the cold grip of Stalin on personal freedoms across many of the European nations which had been handed him by his Allies, the USA and England. Orwell’s book was published in 1949. Orwell was about 43 years old at the time he was writing 1984, and died young at age 47, and his prescience was remarkable about his own time, about our time.

The protagonist Winston Smith is slowly losing his grip on his own humanity, as is wanted and required by Big Brother. It occurs in part from being assaulted on every side by propaganda lies that insist that everyone believe that Love is Hate, that War is Peace… and through the fact that no one call tell if there is even one decent human being left in the world who holds the old true ideas of justice, love, peace and care of one another—

for most and many are put to the superstitious work of reporting those who are not towing the line, that is those thought to be non-patriots, those who are ‘thinking people’ and therefore considered disloyal to Big Brother– and thus are marginalized as ‘just proles,’ ‘the little people of no consequence,’ or taken off to be killed.

Winston works at The Ministry of Truth. It is housed in what is described as [sounds like a NORAD-like facility] four buildings that tower over all other buildings disproportionately, with 3000 rooms above ground and 3000 identical rooms below ground as bunkers in case of invasion, those loyal workers to Big Brother will be saved, all others will be lost. In other words, the vile organism of BB protects only itself, like some cosmic cockaroach.

The four buildings represent the upside down world that people have been forced to not question:

The Ministry of Truth, which gives out falsified news, propaganda entertainment, mind-numbing repetitious education, and re-interpretation of the old fine arts.

The Ministry of Peace, which rationalizes incessant war—as a means of keeping a form of ‘peace’ in which no one is allowed to be free, save Big Brother and friends.

The Ministry of Love, which maintains “law and order” according to Big Brothers ideals of dishonesty– creating charges against citizens as a result of day and night surveillance by peering in windows, planting listening and video devices right in citizen’s homes, following them about at work and rewarding peers for spying on and denouncing one another… to fatal ends.

The Ministry of Plenty, which overlooks all economic affairs, and falsifies how wonderful the job outlook is, how wonderful commerce is moving up up up, how productive all the workers are –even though the workers live in incessant squalor (Winston only has a scrap of dark bread to get him through the next day) and are afraid to complain…

for as Orwell writes, no one can enter any of these four departments of the government, for they are barricaded and only give access to Big Brother’s ‘friends.’ So there can be no writs of complaint let alone demands, filed with anyone in power, even if anyone so dared.

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