Orwell is so much more than simply ‘Left-wing’

England remains a country of in-betweeners. Were he here today, Orwell would be writing for them, about them and the popular culture that appeals to them (he was one of the first to write seriously and respectfully on this subject). His voice would be raised against the creeping totalitarianism of a liberal orthodoxy about which there is as much to rail at as in the conservative age in which he lived.

We should at least honour him with a statue. The BBC is the obvious backdrop, notably because the move might go some way to making up for it erasing all the recordings he made, leaving us without his voice.

It’s been suggested that a further reason for the rejection of an Orwell statue is simple BBC bureaucracy; something said to have played a part in his resigning from his post in the building that inspired 1984’s Room 101.

via Orwell is so much more than simply ‘Left-wing’ – Comment – Evening Standard.

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