NZ PM should ponder the Orwellian switch to the farmhouse…

George Orwell is one of my favourite authors. 1984 is, of course, his most famous work but to my mind the simplicity and truth of Animal Farm makes it a superior work in the way it explores the corrupting nature of power.

I’ve been thinking of Animal Farm a lot this week as I watched the prime minister dance on the ever-shrinking head of a pin to justify John Banks continuing as a minister of the Crown.

In 2008 Opposition leader John Key was, like Orwell’s pig Napoleon, leading the charge against dishonesty and deceit in political life, particularly in regards to campaign donations.

His decision to categorically rule out Winston Peters as a coalition partner because the NZ First leader misled the house over donations from millionaire Owen Glenn was a high-risk masterstroke which did much to give National the moral high ground and victory in that campaign.

Four years on, Key, like Napoleon, has moved into the farmhouse where it would seem two legs (or a bit of lying over campaign donations) is now OK.

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