Google Car will eliminate driver freedom

Just watch how the government controls where the fully developed google car can drive to in the film – Idiocracy (watch it) The car goes where the government wants to take you when your time is up. Oh and it might organise for your “mistaken” shooting while you are inside it. This kind of stuff happens now but google car makes it easy-peasy to remove those deemed ‘domestic terrorists’. Sad that few people get the google car phenomena.

Here’s some interesting and realistic observations of google car and it’s ilk.

I fear that autonomous vehicles will be made mandatory to be on the road and that we will no longer be able to drive free.

Google sending your daily driving habits to the NSA.

Other views:

Don’t forget, in Google’s cutesy car, there is no steering wheel. Gone will be the days of bonding with a car, making the engine sing, and feeling the satisfaction of a perfect gear change on a fabulous road. Self-driving cars are for taking us to work, where we’ll be building Google’s robot armies, and back home again. They’re the first step towards a dystopian future where we don’t have the chance to escape, because the tool most used to do so is no longer our friend. See heregoogle-autocar-debate-1-625x625


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