France has an Orwellian plan to ‘deprogram’ young Muslims

As part of an 80-point plan to fight terrorism, France is setting up about a dozen “reinsertion and citizenship centers” around the country to reeducate young Muslims whom the government believes have been radicalized.

Critics of the plan, which will round up people who have not been convicted of any crime, warn that it sounds Orwellian at best and could well backfire by providing an easy way for would-be ISIS fighters to connect. The centers could unintentionally function as “jihadist academies,” warned political scientist Asiem el Difraoui, noting that it would take just “one leader in there to take over the group” and use the 10-month confinement for radicalization

via France has an Orwellian plan to ‘deprogram’ young Muslims

Categories: A 1984-type life today, mental poverty

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