Verizon’s Orwellian Vocabulary: Throttling = Optimization

As Verizon gets set to release the iPhone 4, it looks like its marketing and network management departments are honing their reworked Orwellian vocabularies, reminding us that in wireless network newspeak we need to forget words like “throttling” or “arbitrary broadband discrimination,” and replace them instead with new redefined terms like “VZOptimization.”

Lest we commit some sort of facecrime though, allowing our faces to express the true emotions and doubts of our soul and thus giving Big Brother/Verizon reason to doubt our allegiance, perhaps we should all just smile about this, thanking Verizon for the benevolent management of its network…or on second thought, perhaps not.

via Verizon’s Orwellian Vocabulary: Throttling = Optimization

Categories: mental poverty, newspeak

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