China’s 1984 novel?

Chan Koonchungs new book is making waves among mainland intellectuals for its eerily realistic fictional account of a modern, prosperous China – and its veiled criticism of those who buy into itIts the year 2013 and China is stronger and richer than ever before, while the rest of the world is still reeling from a huge economic tsunami that struck a year earlier. Starbucks is now owned by the Wang Wang Group, and the hottest new drink around the world is longan dragon well tea latte.The authoritarian, and often ruthless, Communist Party faces no serious opposition and is patting itself on the back for not following the path of the West. Capitalism with Chinese characteristics is thriving and foreigners who once lambasted China over human rights are now afraid to offend China. Most interesting, the majority of the Chinese people, at least the residents of major cities, are enjoying unprecedented fat times, and couldnt be happier.This is Chinas future as described in The Golden Age, a new novel by Hong Kong writer Chan Koonchung, who has lived on the mainland since 2000, spending the last nine years gathering string for this book.

via The Fat Years on South China Morning Post_陈冠中_新浪博客.


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